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Since, for most of us, the value of our house, often represents, our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to do all we can, to take care of it, in a way, which serves our purpose! While, some, might be able to afford, to have others, take care of nearly every aspect of home maintenance, repairs, and renovations, etc, most don’t, necessarily, possess those skills! The process should begin by, realistically, knowing and understanding your own skills, and assets, and, considering, which items, you might be capable of addressing, with a modest amount of training. There are several, do – it – yourself, or DIY, projects, which, are often, able to be performed, by people with, even, modest skills, and, obviously, doing these oneself, exponentially, reduces the overall expense, making it less stressful, and more affordable, to many. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 simple projects, which might, make the difference, between being able to afford home ownership, and becoming, far too stressed, in that regard.

1. Minor electrical and plumbing jobs: Don’t bite off, more than you can chew! While, you may be able to do, minor, electrical and plumbing projects/ jobs, there will, still be a needed, to use a trusted, professional, plumber, and/ or, electrician, for other, more involved needs!

2. Touch – up painting: Although, you may not be, willing or able, to do, a complete, painting, interior, and/ or, exterior, it is possible to save money, by doing touch – up, jobs, and understanding, something about using plaster, effectively and efficiently, and doing minor, smaller, painting jobs!

3. Planting/ mowing: How comfortable, might you be, with several exterior necessities of home ownership? Those, who take care of their own planting, and, at least, parts of their house’s grounds, generally, save considerable money! One should balance the cost of having a gardener, mow your lawn, etc, versus, doing it yourself, and how valuable your time, might be.

4. Cleaning and maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance, are, often, undesirable, so people, hire others, to do these. However, if saving money, is essential,creating a system, which might serve as a viable, simple, solution, might make sense!

5. Oversight: When you need to hire others, for larger projects, you may choose, to hire a contractor, who acts as the General Contractor, or, decide, to act, as your own, and directly hiring the needed, and necessary types of workers, to get things done! Either way, it’s important to commit to oversight, in order to get, the most bang – for – your – buck!

When you buy a house, have a plan, for its maintenance, and care, from the onset, so, you may plan accordingly, and be prepared. Know what you can do, are willing to, and whether, it makes sense!

5 Simple, DIY Projects, Homeowners Should Understand