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When effort escapes you and you feel tired, but anyhow realize that you do have to go on and finish what you are endeavoring in doing despite feelings of tiredness and laziness that may get in the way of ultimate accomplishment; the only way out and way to a second wind is cold, objective “machine-like” persistence. Do this, until you realize the way past your worst enemies which are the feelings of tiredness and laziness. The first sentence may seem to ramble, but I had to fit the gist of this article into one sentence so that the rest could be explained palatably and broken down realistically with full purity of understanding.

Realize that your best friend is success and discipline. Realize the reality of the situation that should be welcomed and realized and follow that reality. That is the only reality that counts. No other fantasy does count. No other fantasy works. Only reality is reality. Now, sure, this article does indeed seem like a pep talk of sorts. It is not. It is a genuine call to integrate your life with what you honestly want out of life within yourself and then outside of yourself. In that order. You as a conscious being with consciousness are your own choice maker, choice fixer and your own technician. In this aspect, fear and irrational subjectivity is your worst enemy. It causes quitting, failure and destruction if you let it. Note that I use the words “let it”. Because, since you have consciousness and a choice in all matters if you have the intelligence and functionality to understand this article, you always have a choice to create success and do the efforts on your part to create success. For peace of mind does not come from enemies, but it only comes from friends who are completely for you no matter what. That is the kind of friend self made success is, a friend that will not betray you except when you waver or sabotage your own efforts. Indeed, you must listen to yourself genuinely to know, ascertain and achieve, in that order, what you genuinely want, need and achieve in a genuinely valuable way.

Life is made and created by coldly rational universal laws that are invariably workable and unchangeable. When used right they create and produce warm, happy emotions and workable reality. When used wrong, they create failure, frustration and sadness. This concept in this short paragraph is the key to understanding how and why to be consistently successful in a self made, self created way.

So, sure, I am coldly rational and honest. But my feelings as I am writing this article are warm and helpful, this is an example I am talking about when I write this article. I know a writer is not supposed to use himself as an example while and about writing his own article, but if you want firsthand proof that this advice works, it is best shown in that way. For honesty is as honesty does, shows, and then is for real. For no one is free or good until they are totally honest with all, including themselves. This is the concept of genuine self abnegation, and please note, I do not mean anything altruistic or irrationally sacrificing, I do mean totally rational thought and act that is self interest oriented, but does encompass compassion for others within total reason. I would say that that altruism and irrational sacrifice is “beyond me”, but I will not, now that I understand the real, genuine and honest nature of these things. People who sacrifice what they want and love, just are immaturely out to look good to themselves and others and not even to maturely fulfill themselves in any rational way. Destructively fulfilling irrational emotional needs is not maturity, it is destruction and dishonesty. It is being an enemy to yourself and practicing self hate. Maturity and self fulfillment is the ultimate in self love, consistency, self discipline and success.

Indeed, to practice understanding and loving yourself is not immature. As it is also mature to create a great and desirable life for yourself. Doing what is genuinely best for yourself then all others after that is the best approach to life, because you cannot love others if you do not love yourself first then pay yourself first, in that order. Rational discipline works this way as a coldly objective universal law that does not vary. For indeed, you cannot benefit anyone else or pay anyone else without having what you have yourself. Self responsibility is power, genuine power.

Cold Objectivity Can Be Your Warmest Friend