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New Plumbing Innovations That Create Energy Efficiency.

The plumbing industry hasn’t changed much over the past decade, but there has been a rise of new plumbing inventions taking the market by storm with energy saving technology and features. These new innovations are perhaps just the beginning of a greener world. Thinking about upgrading your home’s plumbing system, find out how you can save money and energy below.

Pex Pipes

Forget old rusty copper pipes in your plumbing system, use a PEX pipe that is polyethylene plastic. Known to be cheaply made and possessing cross linked structure that provides dissolution resistance, high tensile strength, flexibility and even ant-scratch/facture. Using PEX pipes in your home is a huge benefit for your plumbing system, not only will you get cleaner drinking water, the special fitting on PEX pipes allow to be connected to copper pipes. It’s more affordable and durable, which is more than enough to make you switch out of your old school style pipes. The lifespan is to be estimated at 50 years.

Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the most energy using appliances in a home. With old water heaters you can expect to pay more money, but receive less in return. Over the years, more and more people have switched over to tankless water heaters. These water heaters don’t have a storage tank, they go off heating up water quickly throw instantaneous or on demand flows. Upgrading to a tank-less water heater gives you more space, more hot water, a longer lifespan, and cleaner water coming through. You save money on usage due to not having a tank that has to take time to heat it up. Cut down on costs as much as 30% the first year. The only reason why more people haven’t switched over to a tankless water heater is that the upfront cost might scare them off, but in the long run they can save and get that money back in no time.

Smart HVAC Systems

A smart HVAC system is a productive and more efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system that is capable of using Wi-Fi, time, and functions that can schedule the temperature of your home to save energy and maintain efficiency. As long as you have an Internet connection in your home, you can control your smart vents. There is a smartphone app that allows you the convenience of controlling your vents from anywhere that you may be. Whether you’re comfortably resting in bed or out of town, you can use the app to close or open the vents as you please. All of the information is recorded and maintained in the cloud, so you can access it wherever you are whenever you need it.

When you switch from your traditional HVAC system to a smart one, you will see an increase of savings on energy & money. When you are able to heat only certain rooms instead of the whole house all day, you can cut down on costs, but also save energy from rooms you are not using.

Dual Flush Toilets

Is your old toilet costing your money? By upgrading or replacing your toilet with a dual flush toilet, you can have the option of energy efficient and comfort. A long term investment that benefits you each passing day. From the different flush options to deodorizing sprays offer new levels of comfort. Heated toilet seats are available as well, you will never have to sit on cold toilet seat again. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can rest assure that upgrading you toilet will benefit you with savings and living.

Plumbing Innovations – Energy Efficiency