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Day 18

Today, we’re learning about financial self-sabotage and how many of us (me, included) are really good at it. If we are sabotaging ourselves financially, it’s because on some level, we believe that making money leads to more pain than pleasure.

Just like other habits and patterns we’ve learned to change in these last 18 days, this major hurdle can also be deleted. Here’s some great ways to condition ourselves to be prepared to have wealth.

1).   First of all, we must free ourselves from the idea that we are NOT wealthy. The access we have to public facilities such as highways, libraries, public parks, are all part of what we own.

2).  Then, believe that we can help others achieve their dreams.

Consider for a moment whether or not it is right to dare to want more money.  Is it right to expand our leaning, our relationships, our relationship with our Creator or God or improve our skill sets?  Sometimes people see these as being different from expanding our financial standing. No matter what environment any of us were raised in, there are always a few people from any environment who have become successful. There are also those who come from privilege who have lost it all.

Here’s 5 tips on how to eliminate financial self-sabotage:

1).  Write about the pain you experience due to lack of financial abundance that you deserve.

The price for some is a lack of basic necessities, like insurance – life or health, the ability to travel or buy a present for a loved one. Taking care of deferred maintenance on your home like a new roof or plumbing in a timely manner.

What about preparing for a retirement, or living in a nicer area? The idea of having no money or little enough for college for the kids or yourself, or money for emergencies. The list can get quite extensive. What kind of pain does that cause you? Is it enough to help shift your belief to realize that the pain is really in the lack we have now, not the worry about what we’d do if we actually acquired financial abundance.

2).    List the words you associate to money. Mine were as wide-ranging as the following: freedom, extra time,  fun, wider social circle, pain, energy exchange, uncomfortable, foreign, avoidance, and more options.

3).   Write down what you heard about money when you were growing up.  I clearly remember parents talking in low tones about not having enough,  and how can we afford thus and so? We couldn’t, so went without a lot of things.

4).   How would your life be greater and better if finances were no longer an issue?  What would your mood be like, over all?  Would having financial abundance open up living opportunities? Wouldn’t you be able to create a legacy for your friends, family and charities? What would it feel like to be totally out of debt? What would your self-esteem be like? Would your stress be changed? You could have the best health supplements and travel wherever you want.

5).  In order to remove your limiting beliefs, attach better, empowering beliefs to them. Write it down and repeat often.

Some people believe that if they simply work harder they will acquire financial wealth.  This can get results in the short term, but unless  financial beliefs are more permanently adjusted to allow for the new wealth, the stress can be too great to sustain these results. Does that make sense?

For the assignment:

For the next ten days, write down three ideas that could lead to increased income, or three  ways you can earn more from your current income. You want to train your mind to begin to look for new economic opportunities. This will help to develop an opportunity seeking mindset. Nothing wrong with that! Thanks for stopping by. What specific changes are you noticing now?


Tony Robbins – Personal Power II – Day 18 End Financial Self-Sabotage