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You can obtain high quality construction tents that will provide cover for an entire job site for weeks while you build underneath it. It is possible to rent a temporary structure that is large enough to cover your construction site while you pour concrete, lay plumbing, etc.

These temporary structures are ideal for just about any construction project you encounter because they are designed for either long-term or short-term use. In fact, if heated, temporary construction shelters can even withstand the cold winter weather. Your team can labor under a construction tent for days, weeks or even months in a climate-controlled environment.

Temporary construction tents are portable. Once one area of your project is complete, simple use a crane to lift each section of the tent and relocate it to cover a different work area, saving you time and money on multi-location construction projects. You will be able to complete your construction projects efficiently, regardless of the weather conditions.

One of the reasons these structures are so popular among contractors, job supervisors and project managers all around the world is their functionality. Construction tents are ideal for just about any industrial use under the sun, from laying pipe and pouring concrete to refurbishing heavy machinery, not to mention available for either sale or rent in a wide variety of sizes. These incredibly durable tents are made from the finest materials, and they will stand up to the harshest environments, saving you time and money on your construction project.

Construction tents are designed to be used year-round. The curved design, strong frame and quality engineering of construction site tents makes it possible for them to shed snow even in the coldest winter months. The dual tension fabric of the best tents will hold up to strong gusts of wind.

Construction shelters make it possible to keep the job going in order to meet deadlines. You do not have to worry about rain delays keeping you from pouring concrete, windy days keeping you from hanging sheets or any other elemental obstacles when you use construction tents at your project sites.

Little to no foundation is required for temporary construction tents. Baseplates and five-foot stakes are used for installation on asphalt or hard packed surfaces. For installation on concrete foundations, concrete wedges are used. Earth anchors are used in loose soil and concrete ballast systems keep the tents in place when ground penetration is not an option.

Construction tents can be designed with a rolling system along a steel beam that will make installing and dismantling over existing infrastructure easy, which makes them ideal for remodeling projects. Virtually, construction tents can be installed on any surface at any location. Better still, custom foundation systems are also available.

Investing in construction tents can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars from delays due to unfavorable weather conditions. Not only will you be happy, but you will also be able to ensure the happiness of your clients as well by meeting all of your construction project deadlines.

Why Construction Tents Are Your Best Option